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CA18 FAQ's
Q: I currently own a 1989 Nissan Pulsar NX with the stock 1.6 L SOHC engine in it. I am currently interested in trying to put a turbocharger on it, or if possible have a complete engine swap. Is it possible to swap on a turbocharger from a 1983 or a 1984 Pulsar to my 1.6 SOHC Nissan engine, without tons of conversion tools? So my question is whether or not I should try to install the turbocharger from the previous Pulsars, or just flat out install a new engine.
A: The FWD CA18det would be your best option. Most of the parts would be available in the US, except for the engine, but there is a 1.6 version in the Pulsar.

Q: Would the ca18det line up with the transmission for a KA24E, and if it does could I order the CA without the tranny for a cheaper price?
A: The trannies are the same, with the exception of the bellhousings, so you would need to buy parts to make it work anyway, not to mention tracking the correct parts down.

Q: I was looking to make a Sleeper that can run 13's possibly 12's with right mods. Would this be possible on the CA18DET without tearing into the motor?
A: You should get into the mid-high 13s with it, then you'll need a bigger turbo, bigger injectors and a retuned ECU, but these are all external parts.

Q: Where do I go for replacement parts? Belts, hoses, fluids, filters?
A: AutoZone, Pep Boys, Nissan Dealership, etc. for an 88 Pulsar NX.

Q: Do I have to modify my driveshaft?
A: No.

Q: Does the CA have a weight advantage over the KA?
A: Yes.

Q: I am having a problem with the clearance issue with the steering components. I was told anything bigger than a full T3 will not fit. What is the largest size available without running into clearance issues?
A: We build Manifolds in the top-mount configuration with a T3 flange.

Q: I just bought a CA18DET today to swap into my 1990 240SX. I hear that you're the guys to talk to about these engines. I know it has no ECU, no MAF, probably no igniter. It's got the coil packs and most of the harness, it has the starter, alt, tranny, P/S, A/C compressor, turbo, all manifolds, injectors.
A: OUCH! We VERY strongly recommend against an incomplete setup. There are way too many headaches associated with them, just to try to make it work. I speak from first hand experience. The only motor we've ever gotten as an incomplete setup was the CA18DET in my personal car. If it had not have been given to me, I'd have never touched it. In hindsight, even though the initial cost was zero, the headaches were NOT worth the issues I've had to deal with. I'll NEVER recommend an incomplete setup EVER to ANYONE.

Q: Do they come with everything I need to do a complete swap into a '92 240sx fastback?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the parts off my ka24de fit?
A: Some parts yes.

Q: Could I get the CA's Turbo & other parts and adapt them to my CA16DE?
A: Maybe, too hard to say. Ultimately, if you wanted, we could build you a manifold that would allow you to put whatever turbo on the motor you wanted, then you could use just the electronics for the rest of it.

Q: Did you guys do anything to the engine to ensure it would last longer or did you just do the bottom end rebuild because you were planning to use the bigger turbo?
A: Neither, except for the larger injectors. I did rebuild the bottom end, but that was just to have a completely fresh motor.

Q: Where are you going to get parts like, gaskets, filters, spark plugs etc.?
A: AutoZone, Pep Boys, etc. for most of the parts.

Q: I've heard there was a CA18ET Front wheel drive Pulsar or NX or something so I thought the oil filter might be similar, but the plugs I would think would be different as would pretty much everything else.
A: An '88 Pulsar is the source for most of the parts used.

Q: Did you guys decide on using the stock CA harness? Or are you going to modify the KA to work?
A: CA harness.

Q: If you had a CA and SR with nearly the same modifications which would be a more powerful and reliable engine?
A: The one's we have had were setup differently. Dollar for dollar, the SR will lead the power race, till you break it, then the CA takes over, since it doesn't break at the same level as the SR.

Q: I know the SR has a higher horsepower stock, but with the stronger block of the CA, would it be able to handle more boost safely to compete with an SR with nearly the same mods?
A: The boost that can be handled by the fuel system runs out before either motor does.

Q: With the CA being smaller is the balance of the car a bit better than an SR equipped s13?
A: The motors share very similar weights, though the CA is physically smaller. It's really a 'no lose' proposition, either way you go.

Q: I was wondering what your thoughts on the CA vs. SR issue. I have a pretty good understanding of the CA being a more advanced engine, higher (8500), smoother rev (bore and stroke being square) and being stronger because it is a steel block, but lower displacement and limited aftermarket support. While the SR is supported with a large aftermarket, larger displacement and wider power band but lower rev limit due to it being stroked and weaker/simpler valve train.
A: We're a bit preferential toward the CA, myself, but that might be because it's proven itself a bit more to me. It's really up to the individual, since there really is 'no lose' either way you go.

Q: Are the SR and CA trannys interchangeable?
A: Sort of. The KA, SR, CA, RB20 and NA VG from a Z31 all use the same tranny, with the exception of the front cover/bellhousing. You will need the bellhousing for whichever motor you choose, but if you shred the tranny, you can use the one from your KA, with a tiny bit of work.